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ant control

No matter where you live, you have probably encountered unpleasant ants invading your home. They're everywhere, we know. No matter how clean we keep our homes, they'll find any tiny little food on the kitchen floor, on the counter, anywhere they find that they can have a feast on. They can travel hundreds of yards and find their way into your home. And typically you'll see more ants in your home when whether changes, when it's too hot, or too dry, or when it's pouring outside. So what can you do about them? How to get rid of them from your kitchen, and kill their colonies so they'll never come back? Well, there are some solutions, you can buy ant poison from store or you can make your own safe ant killer and save money. People suggested using Windex or vinegar, I've yet to try them, if they work it's a lot better than HomeGuard or other commercial brand ant killers. Some also suggest using carpet stain remover, We have tried using borax (see recipe below) and it seems worked, this year we didn't have any ants invading our kitchen. But that's not the only thing we did, we sent our kids out in the garden looking for ant colonies around the house and spray them, that's very effective. If you have to use commercial products on kitchen counter or floor, we suggest Terro Ant Bait, they're not very expansive and self contained and works pretty well too. Please share your success with any of the methods above.

Home made ant bait

1 c sugar

3 c water

4 tsp borax

bring to a boil and put some on wax paper and put it near the ant trail. 

or this one:

1 teaspoon boric Acid
6 tablespoons sugar
2 cups hot water (this water must be really hot)

Mix ingredients and pour over cotton balls
Put mixture in cottage cheese containers with lids and poke holes about 1/8 inch up from the bottom.
Don't worry if you have more ants the first couple of days after third day ant problem should be gone.